Capitol Heights in Prince George's County will be in the limelight on ABC-TV tomorrow evening at 8, when "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" features its first project in the Washington area -- a three-story, state-of-the-art house that went up in August in less than a week.

The project began on a sour note, when the wife of a "Makeover" crew member was beaten with a gun during an armed robbery in the lobby of the Largo hotel where some members of the team were staying.

The mood soon changed, however, as more than 300 volunteers and local organizations worked around the clock in heat and humidity to raze the dilapidated two-bedroom home owned by Veronica Ginyard and her eight children and to replace it with an impressive new structure. Demolition began on Monday, Aug. 15, and the keys to the completed home were turned over to the TV show's staff at 4 p.m. the next Friday, a full hour ahead of schedule.

All the people involved have been somewhat secretive about what the house is like inside, to leave some surprises for the broadcast.

Somerset Development Co., based in Charles County, will definitely be savoring the hour. The company, which was selected by ABC to coordinate the makeover team, is hosting a private viewing party with the family.

-- Sandra Fleishman

The Ginyard family got their first peek of their new house, which went up in less than a week, in Capitol Heights in August.