Who's going to win the Super Bowl? We asked some people that question. Here's what they said:

GEORGE ALLEN, Redskins' coach - This is by far the best Minnesota team I've ever seen. But I still give a slight edge to the RAIDERS.

ELVIN HAYES, Bullets' basketball players - MINNESOTA by two touch-downs. This is the Vikings' fourth time around. The law of average says they're due.

JAMES WIDMNAS, Washington cab driver - OAKLAND. A better all-around team, with more experience than Minnesota, and better quarterback and receivers.

DON KING, boxing promoter - MINNESOTA, because of Chuck Foreman.

MIKE HARKINS, bartender, Gallagher's Pub - MINNESOTA by four because of Oakland's reputation of choking. I'm betting on Oakland's past indiscretion.

TOM COURTENAY, British actor, appearing at the National Theater - Oakland was a bit fortunate against New England. Chuck Foreman is the key, and I like the VIKING to win.

JOSEPH YELDELL, district government official - I have no idea. You guys have kep me so busy lately, I haven't had a chance to do a thing. Who's in it?

FAYE CLAIBORNE, football pollster - All the sportswriters are picking Oakland. I'll pick MINNESOTA.

CHRIS EVERT, tennis player - Unlike many tennis fans, I always root for the winner, so I'm going with OAKLAND.

GERALD FORD, President - Not available. "Too busy," declared a staff member.

JIMMY CARTER, President-elect - Not available. "Too busy" declared a staff member.

LEFTY DRIESELL, Maryland basketball coach - MINNESOTA, because the Vikings beat the Redskins, and then the Redskins could say they got beat by the champions.

RALPH NADER, consumer advocate - MINNESOTA. Vikings are in better shape and they've got Chuck Foreman. I also think Ken Stabler was more shaken up in the last game than what was reported. Besides, Minnesota is due.

GUY CHARRON, Capitals' hockey player - I'm rooting for Minnesota, but I think OAKLAND will win.

JAMES SNYDER, oddsmaker - OAKLAND by six.