You say you're glad the National League season, finally, is winding down? The wife is sighing with relief because the Pro Bowl game Monday night is the end of it all?

Well, that's not true here, where the Seattle Seahawks are hosting the AFC and NFC teams (9 p.m., WMAL-TV-7). The game in the Kingdome became a 65,000-seat sellout partially because the club made it compulsory that season ticket purchasers also pay to see three preseason games and the Pro Bowl.

But it turns out that fan enthusiasm was high despite the Seahawks' 2-12 season. There were two ticket notices today in the "Personals" section of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer classified advertising pages.

One was, "Pro Bowl tickets wanted." The other, "Pro Bowl, two goal line tickets, $22."

A telephone call to the latter advertiser turned up the news that the ad had been in the paper since Tuesday and that the seller had received "hundreds of offers" after disposing of the tickets at face value to the first response. The ad was not removed before today because it would have cost a penalty.

A call to the person wanting tickets brought the answer that she got them.

Roger Staubach, captain of the NFC offensive unit, disclosed that he had developed a sore throwing arm from passing with a compensating motion after breaking a hand in the Cowboys' victory over the Chicago Bears.

The Dallas quarterback vehemently denied to the reporter who wrote the story that he criticized Fran Tarkenton for getting excused.

Strong safety Ken Houston of the Washington Redskins said, "We don't play to win as much as we do to have fun. It's a chance to show off your talents. That brings out the competitive instinct but there are no hard feelings after mixing together all week after practice with the fellows from the other conference."

Running back Mike Thomas of the Redskins, who replaced Chuck Foreman of Minnesota, said hard hits result from that competitive instinct "but there is no killer instinct" in the Pro Bowl.

Eddie Brown of the Redskins, the NFC punt return leader, said, "I don't know what the Pro Bowl is like, because it is my first time in it."