"It seems like there just isn't any room for me to play here," Bullet forward Kevin Grevey said yesterday in the middle of the most perplexing week of his two uneventful years in Washington.

Grevey, the Bullets' top draft choice in 1975 after an excellent career at Kentucky, is frustrated and confused over warming the bench.

His spirits were not helped any when coach Dick Motta had him running with the first unit in practice Thursday apparently in preparation for starting Friday night's game in Chicago.

But just before game time, Motta told Grevey the Bullets would go as usual with Leonard Robinson. So instead of starting, Grevey played just seven minutes. Saturday night he did not play at all.

Nor does he figure to paly much tonight when the Bullets meet Baffalo at Capital Centre at 8:05.

"Normally the team that starts in practice the day before the game will start the game, too," Grevey said.

"I just don't know what's going through his mind," Grevey said of Motta. "It's as frustrating to me I'm pulling my hair and chomping at the bit and everything.

"It is a little unrealistic to expect to go from not playing at all to being a starter, though. We have been winning so I guess he just decided not to make a change then.

"He (Motta) said he would definitely give me more playing time. It's frustrating, but I just try to do the best I can in practice. My job is to be ready when and if he calls on me."

Motta says he understands Grevey's frustration.

"If he didn't feel frustrated he wouldn't be a normal person," Motta said. "I have a lot of confidence in him. I really believe that if I had to use him he would perform. You can only play so many people. I just feel uncomfortable whenever Elvin (Hayes) isn't in the game and that doesn't leave much time for the others.

"I would like to use Kevin about 10 to 12 minutes a game. I have to give him a chance to play in every game and give him the confidence to know that if he is playing well, he ill stay in. I probably made a mistake not playing him at all against Portland. He deserved the chance."

Grevey is a run-and-shoot player, a style not particularly suited to Motta's offense. When Motta had Grevey and rookie guard Larry Wright in the first unit at practice Thursday he apparently was toying with the idea of shaking things up to get the Bullets running better.

But while Wright started over Dave Bing, Grevey did not get his chance. The Bullets may still trade Robinson - and need to showcase him before the Feb. 1 trading deadline. Or maybe Motta had second thoughts about keeping a player as talented as Robinson has indicated he would like to be traded.

Grevey is averaging 3.4 points and shooting 39 per cent.

"The most important thing I can do is to stay in shape," he said. "I know I can help the team but I can't do much sitting on the bench. I want to feel more of a part."