Semipro-caliber basketball players are invited to try out for three openings on the Washington Super Sports team. For further information, contact George Trotter at 686-1583.

[TEXT OMITTED FROM SOURCE] says U.S. sports scientists prediected the downfall of Soviet gymnast Olga Korbut three years ago.

The assistant director of the Institution of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma at; Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, George Veras, said institute experts "concluded Korbut was obviously going through a fast maturation process that would tighten up her spine and joints and make her less flexible and more injury-prone. If Russia had computer technology as advanced as ours, they could have predicted the same thing."

Whatever happened to detente? . . .

Former Wimbledon champion (and pro golder) Althea Gisbon, saying she is tired of fighting the bureaucracy, has resigned her $7,000-a-year, part-time post after 14 months as New Jersey state athletic commissioner, supervising boxing and wrestling. Gibson took her work too seriously, urging establishment of a comprehensive commission with clout, "but it seemed everything I wanted to do was knocked down. I didn't wish to be a figure-head" . . .

Esther Pena, dismissed from the Texas A&I women's basketball team last season because she refused to wear a bra, wasn't kidding about fighting for her freedom (of movement). A two-man team from HEW has moved in on the Kingsville, Tex., campus to investiage . . . But, full circle, those women basketball pros of 40 years' standing, the All American Red Heads, will be in town, sponsored by Gallaudet College's Block "G", to play a men's team, the Gallaudet Stars, 8 p.m. Friday at Model Secondary School on the Florida Avenue campus.

The Capital Centre boxing card postponed from Jan. 14 to Jan. 28 has been postponed again, indefinitely.