The Redskins may play as few as three teams in 1977 which had winning records last season.

Under the nine-year rotating schedule drawn in 1970, the Redskins were to play the usual home-and-home games with Dallas, St. Louis, Philadelphia and the New York Giants, plus games outside the Eastern Division against Los Angeles, Atlanta and Green Bay at home and Baltimore, San Diego and Buffalo away.

But the schedule had to be altered in 1976 because of the addition of the Seattle and Tampa Bay expansion franchises.

Seattle nominally was a member of the National Football Conference last season and Tampa Bay the American.

Tampa Bay will be in the NFC next season and will replace one of the Redskins' nondivision teams. Which one has yet to be determined.

Last season, Seattle, which ended with a 2-12 record and this year moves to the AFC, replaced New England on the Redskin schedule.

Since the Patriots had an 11-3 record and the Redskins (10-4) beat out St. Louis (10-4) for the wild card sport and Washington beat Seattle, the luck of the schedule draw might have put the Redskins in the playoffs.

The Redskins definitely will have two winning teams on their 1977 schedule, Dallas (11-3) and St. Louis. Philadelphia had a 4-10 record, the Giants 3-11.

Tampa Bay (0-14) will replace one of the normal nondivision opponents - Baltimore (11-3). Los Angeles (10-3-1), San Diego (6-8), Atlanta (4-10), Green Bay (4-12) or Buffalo (2-12).