Vinny Giles, former U.S. Amateur and British Amateur champion, is disturbed by some comments attributed to him in a recent article here on golf amateurs. One reference had Giles inferring the United States Golf Association executives were "self-serving."

Giles, a Richmond lawyer whose firm, Pro. Golfers, inc., handles the affairs of several tour players, writes: "While I have had my differences with USGA on several issues, I would be one of the last ever to consider the members of the Association 'self-serving.'

"Each member of the Executive Committee devotes hours of his time and considerable money and effort to his duties. They serve a very necessary function for golf throughout the world."

Giles adds he has no objections to college golfers, who are subsidized, playing in the same tournaments as the "businessmen" golfers, who must pay their own way.

"I agree," he says, "that the college golfers have a definite advantage beacuse of the extensive college golf tournement schedule. Still, I do feel that it is certainly fair that they compete in the same tournaments as the business amateur.

"My concern, as I stated, is that the restrictive policies on amateur status force most young golfers into a decision to enter professional golf. There seems to be little or no incentive for a capable young player to remain in amateur golf.

"This hurts amateur golf and also hurts many of the young players who lack the ability to compete at the professional level."