Charles O. Finley, said yesterday he wants to sell his Oakland A's baseball club, but cannot find a buyer willing to deposit $1 million in a bank as a down payment.

At a press conference in Oakland to introduce his new manager, Jack McKeon. Finley said he had received an offer from someone in Indianapolis, but the deal fell through.

He did not mention a purchase price, but reserved himself on a statement he made in Chicago Jan. 13 when he denied reports he wanted to sell the club.

At the time, San Francisco Giants co-owner Bud Herseth said Finley had called him several times about the possibility of the A's moving form the American League to the National League and from Oakland to Washington, D.C.

In return for his moving the A's out of the Bay Area, where both clubs have been hurting at the gate, Finley wanted the Giants to play half their games in Oakland and pay off his lease, Herseth said.

Finley denied discussing a move to Washington with Herseth and said he thought it preferable the Giants move.

As he said then and repeated yesterday, the Giants lost $600,000 last season and the A's "in excess of $300,000."

Finley said he and the Giants' two owners, Herseth and Bob Lurie, agree that "the entire deal down in writing - a cashier's check for $1 million to be deposited in a bank right now and I'll get back to them with my decision within 10 days.

"And how many did it? Zero! Buying a frachise now is just like buying a license to lose money.