In Wednesday's editions of The Washington Post, Redskin coach George Allen's annual salary was incorrectly printed as $175,000. Allen's actual annual salary is $125,000.

There are reports circulating throughout the National Football League that the Detroit Lions would like to replace interim coach Tommy Hudspeth with Chuck Knox of the Los Angeles Rams.

Lions' president, Bill Ford, is expected to make a decision regarding his coach within 10 days.

This, despite denials by Knox that he is contemplating such a move, and by the Rams as to whether the Lions have asked permission to talk with Knox.

There are also reports that the Lions are interested in George Allen of the Redskins. Allen, who still have a year left on his seven-year contract with the Redskins, wants to renegotiate his pact.

The Redskins have made the playoffs in five of the six years since Allen became the head coach.

Redskin president Edward Bennett Williams said recently he saw no obstacles to signing Allen to a new contract. Allen, who earns $175,000 annually, has referred all questions regarding his status to Williams.

To those who might wonder why Knox would consider leaving a successful organization such as the Rams and the Los Angeles climate that is appealing to players, for a struggling franchise in an area lacking such charms, Detroit boosters have some answers.

They contend the Lions have been even more successful, financially, having led the National Football League in attendance for the second straight season since moving into new Pontiac Stadium, with a seating capacity of 80,638, under a fiberglass roof.

The implication there is that the Lions can afford to upgrade Knox's contract and pay players well, too, with such revenue, not to mention the personal resources of owner Ford of the automotive family.

At Los Angeles, Carroll Rosenbloom is an owner with a reputation for knowing all facets of pro football. The Rams already have one of the best general managers in the league, Don Klosterman, and Rosebloom's son, Steve, now 32, has learned the game from the ground up.

Knox has several years remaining on a renewed contract, and unless Rosenbloom lets him out of that obligation, he could be stymied. Rosenbloom may have a special interest since he took a chance and raised Knox from as assistant to a head coach.

It is National Football League policy to urge a club to let a coach better himself if it is demonstrable that such a move is not merely a lateral one.

Of course, if Knox were offered a promotion to general manager, along with a head coach's job, the league likely would favor his being let out of his contract, as it did with Vince Lombardi.

Lombardi had stepped down as head coach for a season at Green Bay and was only general manager when the Redskins offered to make him a stockholder as a well as head coach and an executive vice president.

The Rams already have given permission to Leeman Bennett, who calls the signals for their quarterbacks to be interviewed for the head coaching job at Atlanta. Bennett was the only assistant form the Lion staff that Knox hired at Los Angeles.

Allen's name entered the picture at Detroit because he is a native of the city and, of course, because he is seeking an improved contract from the Redskins.

Since Allen came to Washington, college coaches such as Dick Vermeil at Philadelphia, Chuck Fairbanks at New England and John McKay at Tampa Bay reportedly have received much more remunerative contracts. Vermeil, unlike the others, is not a general manager.

The negotiations of Joe Thomas, recently fired as vice president and general manager of the Colts, disclosed that he was offered more for those jobs than Allen repordely signed for as vice president, general manager and head coach of the Redskins.

Even if Allen and Williams reached an impasse, Allen could not change teams without Redskin permission since he still has that a year left on his contract.

But if Allen was able to form a group and buy a club of his own, that would upgrade his status enough to seek help from the league in getting out of his contract.

Because Allen has retained a handsome house in Palos Verdes, Calif., it has prompted rumors that if Knox left the Rams for Detroit, Allen and Rams might again get together.