Reprinted from yesterday's late editions.

The Loyola College Greyhounds of Baltimore had a basketball date last night with American's Eagles, but they became lost en route, taking two hours and 10 minutes to reach AMerican's campus, only to learn the game was at Ft. Myer.

They finally made it and through the first half and a good deal of the second, the Greyhounds appeared to be still lost. Then, in a turnaround, they sent the game into overtime, and won it, 80-79, after a last-second Eagle shot missed.

In the last two minutes of regulatoon Loyola scored 10 straight points to even the score at 67 and set the stage for a dramatic, crowd-cheering overtime in which the two teams swapped one-point leads.

American guard Calvin Brown, who scored 23 points, had all the Eagles 12 points in overtime, while Loyola forward John Morris put 24 points on the board, seven of them in overtime.

The winning points came after Brown put the Eagles ahead, 79-78, with 16 seconds left in overtime. Greyhound guard Frank Oftring connected on two free throws with six seconds left and and the score tipped to Loyola, 80-79.

AU guard Carroll Holmes attempted a 10-foot shot with one second remaining, but missed. As the buzzer sounded, center Howie Lassoff and Brown tapped the ball in but too late for the Eagles.

There was 1:56 remaining in regulation, AU leading 67-57, when the Greyhounds started their rally. Morris' basket with 16 seconds left tied the game and forced the extra period.

Earlier in the game the Eagles enjoyed leads of up to 16 points. They were up by 12 at the half. AU is now 9-7, Loyola 7-9.

Loyola coach Gary Dicovitsky said the long bus trip may have helped the Greyhounds prepare mentally for AU.

As soon as the buzzer went off and the tap-in didn't count, Dicovitsky said, he took his players off the court immediately to avoid any possibility of argument.