Dave King, Navy's leading pass receiver last year, has quit the Naval Academy for "personal reasons" after failing to complete his semester's work.

King, who was a plebe from Louisville, is rumored to be transferring to the University of Kentucky. He'll have to sit out a year before playing for another NCAA team.

"We would be delighted to have him back," said Capt. James Blanchard, deputy director of athletics at the academy. "However, King would have to go through the normal entrance procedure and the admissions board would review the reasons he left. One reason was not academic because he was doing well in his classes."

Blanchard said that King's departure was no surprise to head coach George Welsh, who is on a recruiting trip in Florida.

"There was a high level of interest to help King," Blanchard explained, "from the commandant [Capt. James A. Winnefeld] to the coaches and his teammates, Joe Gattuso, Ray Fritsch and Bob Leszcynski talked to him. King apparently had made up his mind to leave after the Army game. The reason he left was because of problems at home."

King became a regular at midseason and finished with 27 pass receptions for 443 yards and two touchdowns. He tied a Naval Academy record by catching 10 passes against Notre Dame.