Snowshoe, in Slatyfork, W. Va., is not the only place to go cross country skiing in this area. Other:

Seven Springs, in Champion, Pa. (814 - 352-777), has some cross country trails and equipment for rent.

Hurwitz and Ash, in their trip, came across an outdoors store in Davis, W. Va., called Trans Montane where the young owners will rent you cross-country equipment and take small groups out for a day of skiing - and even provide lunch - for $16 on weekends. Skiing there is in Blackwater Falls State Park.

You might also find some good cross-country skiing in Deep Creek Lake State Park, in the far western reaches of Maryland. But beware of snowmobiles.

Although there are no cross-country trails as such at Cacapon State Park, you might enjoy it because it is close (near Martinsburg, W. Va.) and often has more snow than Rock Creek Park.

Blue Knob, in Claysburg, Pa., claims 18 miles of cross-country trails. Hidden Valley, in Somerset, Pa., has 20 miles of cross country trails.

Chestnut Ridge ski area in Morgan-town, W. Va., has 22 miles of cross country trails.

And let's not knock Rock Creek Park. If you've got your own equipment, (less than $100 for the whole kit and kaboodle) and a copy of John Caldwell's "The New Cross Country Ski Book," Rock Creek or any of the area's parks can be fun for a day of cross-country with a few inches of snow.

Finally, if you want to be a sophisticate about it, contact Rudi Mattesich, president of the Ski Touring Council at Troy, Vt. 05868. For $5.75 he will send you "The Ski Touring Guide" which lists all cross country areas and trails in the east and talks about equipment, clothing, safety measures, trail cutting and maintenance, backpacking, survival and avalanche protection. And "The Ski Touring Schedule" which list workshops, tours and citizen races in this part of the country.