Buck up, shivering citizens, we have issue information that the end of the [WORD ILLEGIBLE] wave and fuel crisis is just around the corner. Would you believe by Feb. 10?

Minnesota and Ohio State must know something, or at least they "gotta believe." They switched today's Big 10 basketball game from Columbus to Minneapolis and transferred the Feb. 10 rematch the other way.

Citing "severe weather conditions, worsening energy crisis and the alarming weather forecasts for this weekend," the Buckeye university shut down along with schools, industry etc.

Other blow-outs were the Buffalo at Cleveland NBA game last night, racing at horse tracks in Illinois, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, upstate New York, and Ontario, U.S. Auto Club midget races at Louisville and Indianapolis, most Big 10 sports except basketball - the fans will keep the gyms warm, hey? - as emergencies were declared across Midwest-Northeast.

But moving a game to Minnesota in midwinter is something, especially when you recall how inhospitable Gopherdom was to the basketball Buckeyes a few short seasons ago when Luke Witte t al were mugged on court. The 1977 Gophers are on a winning jag at 16-1 and should pack in the home fans. Land o' Lakers long ago learned to cope, as NFL Viking watchers know.

At last report, the chill factor in Minneapolis was 71 degree below zero. Play ball! . . .