It seemed fitting last night that Iona College's nickname is the Gaels, the word the Irish use for old-time lawyers, because the Gaels amply domonstrated they are familiar with courts as they sentenced Catholic University to an 39-69 verdict.

The 1,500 cheering fans at Cu's brokland Gymnasium, most of them rooting for the Cardinals. [TEXT OMITTED FROM SOURCE] for the Cardinals, watched a hard-fought game deteriorate in the second half as Catholic never came closer to Iona thand six points. Iona led at half time, 42-35.

CU coach Jack Kvancz remarked after the game, "I though we'd do better on the boards than we did. By the time we got ready to jump, they already at the ball. They're much quicker than we are."

The Cardinals tried every defense they had, switching to the zone trap for the last few minutes, but the zig-zag passing pattern of the Gaels blunted the defense.

Cardinal Glen Kolonics was the game's high scorer with 35 points. He had help from Kevin Dziwulski's 16 points but both had trouble getting the ball in the second half, leading to Catholic's paralysis. CU is 7-10 on the season.

Iona (11-8) had five players in double figures, led by freshman Glenn Vickers with 20 points. He and Kevin Bass forced seven turnovers.

Midway through the second half and the Gaels leading 59-52 Iona went on a nine-point binge. With the score 79-64, they added an eight points streak.