Happy aniversary, Washington Redskins, Welcome to the club, Vince McCoy.

It is 40 years Sunday since George Preston Marshall brought his five year old team to the capital from Boston; it was the first year, 1937, that also brought the world the Redskin Band, the fight song "Hail To The Redskins" and an NFL championship. What better timethan this weekend for the Redskins' usually quiescent publicity office to point out: "The Redskins enjoyed nine consecutive winning seasons after arriving in Washington, a strak that is close to being equalled by the current six-season string of coach Allen and the Redskins"?

What better time than George Allen renegotiation time for an accompanying release enumerating 23 varied team and individual achievements in George Allen's sixth season?

ANyway, there were some 113 aspirants to on-field employment by the Redskins at yesterday's free-agent try-out, and there are another 150 expected at Redskin Park at 9 a.m. to day. From yesterday's 2 1/2-hour run-through, five hopefuls were invited back to subsequent tryouts and shades of Herb MUul-key, one was signed: Vince McCoy, 6-foot-2 1/2 , 220-pound tight end from Tennessee State, a noneligible for the 1977 NFL draft (if any) or he would have been ineligible for the camp . . .