Edward E. Proudfoot Jr., of Accident, Md., has been indicted by a Baltimore federal grand jury for allegedly promoting a phony college football game to be played at RFK Stadium in December.

The 23-year-old Proudfoot was charged Tuesday with nine counts of fraud in connection with the East-West Memorial Bowl. The game had been sanctioned by the NCAA and a $1,000 deposit had been made with the D.C. Armory Board for rental of the stadium.

The indictment says Proudfoot fraudulently sought authorization for the game from the NCAA and influenced many high school and college bands as well as civic groups to take part in the week-long gala.

"We have charged him with nine counts of fraud," confirmed Don Rohrbaugh, an assistant U.S. district attorney in Baltimore. "I'm afraid I can't say anymore. I wouldn't want to prejudice the case one way or the other."

Rohrbaugh did say that eight schools were included on the list of complainants or victims.

Many of the invited schools acknowledged they had sent money to Proudfoot for box lunches on the day of the game and other minimal expenses.

"We sent him $556 and did not get a penny back," said yesterday. Jim Lucas, the band director at Ellet High School in Akron, Ohio, said yesterday. "The kids and parents looked forward to that trip since last May.It's a nasty, nasty thing."

Proudfoot had lined up more than 10,000 band students from 32 states to perform during the game. He also had selected college players and the coaching staffs for the game.

The game was cancelled by Proudfoot Oct. 23.

Proudfoot was not available for comment yesterday.