Sugar Ray Leonard shortly will sign a network television contract that will bring him "hundreds of thousands of dollars" over the next two years, according to his attorney, Michael Trainer.

Two networks, CBS and ABC, are bidding for the services for the Olympics welterweight boxing champion, recently turned professional.

Negotiations have been going on for a couple months on a contract that will guarantee the winning network exclusive rights to a specified number of bouts a year.

Leonard also will appear as a commentator at other fights and be developed as a television personality, on everything from an afternoon game show to prime time guest shot.

Trainer a Silver Spring, attorney, said the contract will provide for the growth of Leonard as a personality so that he will have security when he finished his boxing career.

Leonard has appeared as a commentator at bouts three times on CBS, receiving $1000, $1250, and $1500, plus expenses.

He made his professional debut on CBS against Luis (The Bull) Vegas and received more than $40,000.

Attorney Trainer said that Leonard will limit the length of the television contract to two years "because it would be foolish to sign for more the way his career has taken off."

At the end of the contract, the network would have exclusive rights to negotiate further with Leonard. But if the network did not meet Leonard's request, he then would have the right to negotiate with other networks.

If no other network topped the original network's offer, Leonard would not change employers.

Trainer, raised in Bethesda, said that Leonard is his first and only sport client.