Former University of Maryland golf coach Dave Sigler said he quit his job recently because athletic director Jim Kehoe refused to allow him to dicuss the vacant golf coaching job with officials at Louisiana State.

Sigler, 39, said he pondered suing Kehoe, but decided against such action because he thought it might blackball him from coaching.

On Dec. 28, Sigler inquired about the LSU vacancy. LSU in turn asked Kehoe if it could talk to Sigler. Kehoe refused. The next day he gave Sigler a pay raise and increased his budget.

All the time, Sigler was not aware of Kehoe's conversation with LSU athletic director Carl Maddox. Two days later Sigler returned to Kehoe, disturbed that LSU has been denied permission to talk to him about a better-paying job with double the budget he had at Maryland.

Kehoe gave Sigler two choices: accept the pay raise and budget increase or quit.

Sigler said, "I resign."

Kehoe said, "Put it in writing."

Sigler did.

Kehoe said, "I accept it."

"I think Kehoe was wrong," said Sigler, whose team finished minth in last year's NCAA championships. "I think I have the right to seek employment where I want to. But I don't think suing is the answer. I'm pretty sure it would blackball me completely from coaching. I want to continue coaching."

Kehow said he denied LSU permission to talk to Sigler in midseason because of the effect it would have on recruiting, Sigler, in an interview, said that all of his financial aid already had been committed for the 1977-78 school year.

"Nobody's going to talk to my people in the middle of the season," said kehoe. "I don't want anybody coaching here when he might be dickering for another job . . . If he has a real good boy (recruit), he'll probably take him with him. If a guy wants to do something else, be somewhere else, that's where I want him to be. I want people here who are all for Maryland."

Sigler, a Maryland graduate, is also an instructor in physical education at Maryland. The athletic department pays $2,800 of his toal salary of approximately $18,000. Marvin Eyler, dean of Maryland's physical education department, gave Sigler permission to talk to LSU officials.

Sigler, who coached at Maryland eight years, four as head coach, and helped developed PGA tour regular George Burns, among others, is one of six finalists for the coaching job at LSU. The LSU vacancy is expected to be filled later this week.