The Los Angeles Lakers, the surprise of the National Basketball Association this season, will make their final regular-season appearance at Capital Centre at 1:45 this afternoon when they play the Bullets.

The Bullets were humiliated by the Lakers in their season opener.

Washington is in first place in the Central Division while the Lakers are first in the Pacific. The Lakers, along with the Denver Nuggets, also have the best record in the legaue.

Before former American university all-America Kermit Washington injured his knee and underwent surgery last week, the Lakers were the classic professional team. They were molded almost to near-perfection by rookie coach Jerry West.

The Lakers have the game's most dominiating center in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; a fine-shooting small forward, Cazzle Rissell; a defensive specialist at guard in Don Chaney, and a quick playmaker in Lucius Allen. Before Washington was injured, they also had a big rebounding forward.

A player like Elvin Hayes of the Bullets, Abdul-Jabbar has changed his game this season. No longer does the shoot only the sky hook. He has added a turnrund jumper and a lefthanded move.

Abdul-jubbar is first in the NBA in field-goal percentage and is second in scoring, rebounds and blocked shots.

Washington's place on the roster was taken by Cornell Warner, who was released earlier in the season by the Lakers. Don Ford starts at that forward spot.

The Lakers are also the only team in the NBA with two former NCAA scoring champions on the bench. Be Lamar and Johnny Neuman.Neither plays much defense but both will put the ball up from anywhere.

Bookie forward-guard Earl Tatum from Marquette has also impressed West.

Today's game will be the Bullets fifth in six days. They won't play again until they host the Indiana Pacers Wednesday night.