Is that Hollywood, Calif., or Amarillo, Tex., where Ernie Holmes is on trial for cocaine possession?

To start wth District Attorney Tom Curtis is repeatedly described as "the tobaccpchesing D.A."

For the piece de resistance, defense attorneys enlisted an architect and a carpenter and constructed a 10-by-8-foot rough plywood scale model of a motel restroom for yesterday's testimony.

The state quickly presented its case in the morning against No. 63 of the Pittsburgh Steeler defensive line, officers telling how they allegedly caught him with 250 milligrams of cocaine when he was in Texas a year ago to attend a friend's wedding. Before the afternoon session, the defense completed its construction project, despite the protests of tobacco-chewing Curtis, "I don't know how you can try a case in the courtroom when you have a bathroom in it."

The object was to show the jury how difficult it would be for officers to tell what was going on with three of them, plus Holmes, plus the unidentified man who allegedly slipped him a packet of drugs (then fled right past the police never to be caught) jammed into a restroom that size. The prosecution says it caught Holmes trying to ditch the stuff in the toilet.

If convicted Holmes could land two to 20 years in prison. . .