A lot of excitement will go of the college football player draft, about May 1, when Heisman Trophy winner Tony Dorsett of the University of Pittsburgh is selected.

Ricky Bell of Southern California is already spoken for. Tampa Bay (0-14) has first pick and Ron Wolf, vice president for operations, says, "We have had our minds made up that we want Bell.

"That does not mean we are saying which is better. We do not need another runner of Dorsett's size, because we signed Anthony Davis after the Canadian Football League season ended."

This former USC coach John McKay will have former USC running backs Bell and Davis.

Although Seattle and Buffalo finished with 2-12 records, the Bills faced opponents with slightly better records and the Seahawks will pick first in the first round and alternate with Buffalo in subsequent picks.

John Thompson, general manager at Seattle, says rather than announce beforehand that the Seahawks will be taking Dorsett they will keep their options open in case some club offers a trade for the No. 1 choice that might benefit Seattle more.

Last year, Seattle passed up running back Chuck Muncie and took defensive tackle Steve Niehaus. Muncie was picked by New Orleans.