Craig Morton was traded for Steve Ramsey yesterday in an NFL swap of quarterbacks and boo-bird bait. New York Giants fans were the apparant winners, giving one to get two to Bronx cheer.

Denver fans were so down on Ramsey that, the former North Texas State slinger bewailed during the 1976 season, they were even booing his wife. Now Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey must confront a clientele that Morton well knows is no shrinking violet in the vocal abuse league. Morton - one of the NFL's better-established bachelors - rides onto a new range of slings and arrows all by himself (in exchange for the Ramseys and undisclosed "future considerations" due the Giants).

Each started 12 games last year. It was Morton's 12th season in the NFL, most spent as an alternate to Don Meredith and then Roger Staubach before the Dallas Cowboys dealt him to New York in 1974. It was Ramsey's seventh pro year, sixth as a Bronco.

And in '77?

Denver general manager Fred Gehrke said, "We think Craig Penrose and Norris Weese have fine futures with us and that Morton will help bring one or both along to an ultimate starting job." Giant coach John McVay offered, "Ramsey is a relatively young guy and our plan is to turn Ramsey, Jerry Golsteyn and Dennis Shaw loose in preseason and let them battle it out for first-string." . . .