Dave Butler, the nation's leading junior college basketball scorer last season with a 33.6 average, has signed a letter-of-intent to attend Catholic University.

Butler is a 6-foot 3 1/2 forward-guard who played the last two seasons at Burlington (N.J.) Community College. Ironically, neither Butler nor CU coach Jack. Kvancz expects Butler to score anywhere near the gobs of points he did in the two seasons at Burlington.

Passing is the best part of my game," Butler said yesterday from his home in Willingboro, N.J. "I never was a scorer in high school. It just called for me to shoot a lot the last two years. I really enjoyed passing."

"He gives us flexibility," said Kvancz. "You'll have to play him tight or else he can hit from 20 feet. And if you do play him tight, he'll hurt you with his passing. I don't see him scoring near 33 points a game for us."

Butler scored so much because he was playing for a weak team that had on 8-18 season. He shot 51.2 per cent from the floor and 88 per cent from the foul line.

What pointed him toward Catholic was the Cardinals' interest before other major colleges started calling after his picture and accomplishments appeared in Sports Illustrated magazine recently.

After high school, Butler thought he was all set to attend St. Joseph's in Philadelphia. But Jack McKinney was fired as coach and Butler was left in the cold.

He went to American Interntional College in Springfield, Mass., for three weeks." "Things didn't work out," he explained yesterday. "I didn't get along with some of the players and I didn't adjust to the school."

So he came home to Burlington CC and averaged 32 points a game his freshman year, but no big schools came after him.

"I started to wonder why," he said. "Then the Wesley JC Coach told me this year if I needed somewhere to go, he would put me in touch with CU."