While most of the pro basketeers are busting their britches to reach Glory Road, the NBA playoffs, hear Marvin Barnes of the Detroit Pistons:

"As of now, I don't have any intention of playing in the playoffs. If I (do) they will have to make me change my mind because my thing right now is to go to jail and get it over with. Why prolong the inevitable?You know, that's like waiting to die - I might as well die now," So, he said, he might surrender for incarceration as soon as the regular season ends April 10.

Oscar Feldman, Piston general manager, said he blieves playoff games are part of the season contract, but Barnes, who is supposed to begin a year's prison term in Rhode Island May 16 for violating probation, say it is just the opposite, that Lucas disagreed: "I'm not obligated to play the playoffs for them. My (multimillion-dollar) contract doesn't say I have to . . . The playoffs are something a player should want to play in. He motivates himself to get into them because that's where you get all your prestige and your ink and your extra money. I might not choose to get all that. I might choose to get my time over with. All of a sudden, I might not be able to take all this no more..."