The strike affecting racing in Maryland continues into its second full week and the only hope of movement between the [WORD ILLEGIBLE] race-track employees and track management is [WORD ILLEGIBLE] on the slim [LINE ILLEGIBLE] acts favorably on House [WORD ILLEGIBLE] and Senate Bill 1182, which go in committees of both houses Thursday morning.

The hills, both sponsored by the tracks and horsemen, would increase the amount withheld from the triple pool from 16 per cent to 23 per cent and would reduce the states share of the two-horse multiple betting (exactas and daily double) from 5.34 to 4 per cent. The bills would increase the track's share from 3.41 per cent of the regular pools to 4.68.

Further increases proposed to the tracks and horsemen would be from 4.66 to 5.16 per cent in the two-horse multiple pools and from 4.65 to 9.66 per cent in the three-horse multiple pools. The latter proposal would raise the takeout from the triple betting from the current 16 to 25 per cent.

The bail-out of privately owned tracks would not be unprecedented. Delaware Park was recently granted all of the odd pennies on payoffs (the breakage) that had previously been split down the middle by the state and track. Earlier, the Delaware General Assembly presented Delaware with a new takeout law that gave the tracks up to 15 per cent as their share.