Baseball season is at hand and the usual blather about Washington getting a team is sure to be fetched up again. Let's quickly dispose of the current bogus scenarios.

Congress will force - by threats - baseball owners to place a team in Washington. Even congressmen are amused by this theory - only a few mudded sportswriters believe it.

The Oakland A's will switch to the National League interleague play will be approved, then Oakland will be moved to the American League, and then Oakland will be moved to Washington. The National League owners will not accept Finley, they will not approve interleague play, and they generally hold Washington - politicians and regulatory agencies - in contempt.

The National League will put an expansion team into Washington (see above).

Bowie Kuhn will find a way to get Washington a team. Sure, a softball team - made up of lawyers.

So what is to be done? Washington and Baltimore must share the Orioles. Sportswriters yelp at the suggestion. But let's look at the objections rationally:

Washington fans are baseball fans; many already have allegiances to non-Washington teams. Given the fewer number of games over a season, they surely would turn out, even if not to root for the Orioles. (The players are supposed to be professionals - some have shown themselves to be mercenaries - so they shouldn't object)

And I suspect that, gradually, allegiances would switch to the Orioles.

Baltimore fans will not stand for it.

Baltimore fans - at least those who can think - know that if something isn't done to improve attendance they will lost the team entirely.They will welcome a rational number of games to attend, they will greatly appreciate having a team, and pre-game attendance will improve.

We (the fans) are tired of inane speculations and arrogant assumptions that clutter the sports section.