Capital Centre will a bid for the 1979 Atlantic Coast Conference basketball tournament, ACC official Marvin Francis said today.

The 1978 tournament will be played in Greensboro, N.C., on the second-year of a two-year contract. Greensboro, Capital Centre in Largo, Md., and the Omni here, site of the current NCAA finals, all are expected to bid for the tourney during the ACC meeting at Myrtle Beach, S.C., in May.

The 1976 ACC tournament at Capital Centre was the only one to have been played outside North Carolina.

No major rules changes are expected this week when the Basketball Rules Committee holds it annual meeting, although for the first time a majority of NCAA and NAIA coaches favor a 30-second shot clock.

The rules committee, headed by Ed Eteitz, athletic director at Springfield College, includes members from all facets of amateur basketball, and the high schools are most opposed to the shot clock.

The vote among college coaches was close: the 30-second limit is favored by 52 per cent of the NAIA coaches and 51 per cent of the NCAA coaches who returned questionnaires sent out by the rules-committee.

The return of the dunk proved an overwhelming success this season, with 82 per cent of all factions favoring itss continuation.

The latest on the Albert King sweepstakes: A major-college coach with close ties to both the ACC and the Pacific Eight said North Carolina is now a contender to sign the 6-foot-7 New York high-school star.

The coach said the three leading contenders for King are, not in any order, Maryland, UCLA and North Carolina. But Rodney Parker, a close associate of King, said he doubted that the brother of Tennessee all-American Bernard King would choose Maryland.

Carolina reportedly is the first choice of guard Darnell Valentine, a 6-1 Kansan who plays much like Phil Ford, the Tar Heel's current star guard.

Bill Cobey Jr., the North Carolina athletic director, is up in arms over the ticket distribution policy of the NCAA for the final four. Each school is allotted 1,000 tickets, less than 25 per cent of the capacity of 16,086 here.

Cobey proposes that at least half the tickets be put aside for the four competiting teams. The demand got so bad at Carolina this year, Cobey said, that scalpers called his office and asked for phone numbers of Rams Clubs members who had not bought tickets from the school.

Cobey refused.

To be eligible to buy a ticket from the Rams Club allottment, a member had to have contributed $20,000 for four tickets and $7,500 for two. Carolina students were allotted only 100 tickets and scalpers reportedly were receiving $600 per set in Chapel Hill last week.

Takes Locke reportedly is about to be named new coach at Canisius. Locke resigned at Clemson two years ago in the wake of a recruiting scandal, caught on as an assistant with the Buffalo Braves in the NBA, became head coach this season and was fired.

Clemson will be serving the third year of a three-year probtion next season.

Penn State, which is upgrading its basketball program, will open the 1977-78 season at Maryland. The school, long a football-power, is spending more money on recruiting basketball players and is scheduling better teams.