Mike Wolfe, the controversial sportscaster who was fired from his WTOP-TV-9 commentating job last week, was informed yesterday that the station is dropping him as play-by-play announcer for the Bullets two remaining season game and all playoff games.

Wolfe charged the station with reacting to a story he wrote for The Washington Post on Saturday in which he criticized management for mishandling his career. "Like some basketball coaches, WTOP was a great recruiter, but a less-than-spectacular coach," Wolfe wrote.

Jim Lynagh, WTOP vice president, said the decision to drop Wolfe from the remaining Bullets games was made because Wolfe broke a verbal agreement with station officials not to make derogatory statements about the station after news of his firing was made public.

Wolfe said WTOP reneged on a written agreement he signed with the station last week. He said the station agreed to let him finish out the season as the Bullets' announcer."There was no malicious intent in my article," Wolfe said yesterday. He said he is considering legal action. "I'm getting tired of being messed with. It has gotten to the point they are exercising corporate powers. The station can make a big production about somebody coming in and make you look like a dog on the way out."

New director Jim Snyder said Wolfe was not fired as regular sports-caster because of his refusal to wear a necktie, but because of inconsistent performance.

Snyder announce that Frank Herzog would replace Wolfe on the Bullets' broadcasts. Sonny Hill and Sonny Jurgensen will continue as analysts.