If Redskin coach George Allen seems unusually light-hearted at the National Football League meetings this week, he has good reason.

Allen said he received a "102 per cent" physical-fitness rating at an examination Saturday at the Arizona Heart Institute.

Dr. Ted Dietrich of the institute, said the coach was a remarkable specimen for a fellow whose 55th birthday is April 29. "He had a predicted maximum fitness rating of 100 per cent and scored 102," Dietrich said.

"He took the treadmill test and said, 'I could break this machine before it would affect my heart."

"We've been doing cardiovascular screening for about 5 1/2 years," the doctor said."I spoke to the NFL group when it met last year at San Diego. We're interested in early detection of heart disease, particularly of the arteries, even in an asymptomatic patient.

"The NFL has had a player fatality (Chuck Hughes of Detroit), an owner fatality (Phil Iselin of the New York Jets, and I understand there have been some other episodes. (Carroll Rosenbloom and Don Klosterman of the Los Angeles Rams and Joe Sullivan of the St. Louis Cardinals have had heart-bypass surgery).

"We're interested in people in stressful situations . . . those who face tension. I went to the Redskins' training camp last year and spoke for about an hour and then fielded questions for about 45 minutes. The players were extremely interested."

The Redskins have been sending players to the University of Maryland for heart-stress tests on a treadmill.

Typically, while most of the other coaches and owners were socializing this week, Allen and personnel director Tim Temerario held a tryout camp at Phoenix Junior College. Six players were offered contracts to try to make the team during training camp in Carlisle, Pa., this summer.