For several thousand people in our area, evenings and weekend afternoons will be filled with softball this summer. Every jurisdiction has some sort of organized softball. Most leagues have divisions foe varied levels of skill.

As a rule, a franchising fee is required to cover administrative costs as well as umpires, fields and lights.

If the dealine has passed in your area, a call to the Deapartment of Recreation may put you in touch with a team that needs additional players. District of Columbia

The Recreation Department sponsors adult softball [WORD ILLEGIBLE] for men 18 and older and women 16 and up. The deadline for signing up in a team is April 15, paly begins May 1.

Franchising fee is $82 for men's teams adn $75 for women's teams. The fee covers umpires, 15 trophies and makes the teams eligible to compete in the citywide championship.

Games will be schduled seven days a week. Fields are in every section of the city. For details and to sign up, call Mr. Fisher or Mrs. Ann Hanabach a Alexandria

The Recreation Department is organizing softball for men and women plus a [WORD ILLEGIBLE] league.

The men's competition is divided into commercial and industrial leagues. April 1 is deadline to sign up in both. Franchising fee will be determined later. Games are scheduled to begin on May 2. Contact C. T. Mullgan - 750-6325.

An organizational meeting for the women's league will be held on April 6 at 7:30 p.m. in the Chinqualin Recreational Center, 3210 King St.,

The Coed League will have an organizational meetings at the same place April 7.

Games for both of these leagues are stated to begin the second week of May with franchising fee set later. Call C.T. Mullgan - 750-6325.

The Downtown Baptist Church in Alexandria has organized a church league separate from the recreation Department. Deadline for signing up is April 1. This ia an adult leagues, no minimum or maximum age.

The franchising fee will bw $100 to $115, which covers umpires, balls, and trophies. Team members must attend the church with which their team is affiliated.

Games will be played Monday and Thursday evenings at the Minnie Howard School under the lights. Call Mr. Bushman at 549-5544 for details. Arlington

The Recreation Department is sponsoring both men's and women's softball leagues. The men must be at least 15 years old and women at least 17.

Franchising fee varies: A teams pay $335 per team, B teams pay $270, church teams pay $250 and women's teams pay $165. The fee provides balls, trophies and umpires.

Call Mr. Shaw at 558-2286 to sign up. Fairfax County

Deadline has passed to sign up a team in the county leagues. However, individuals who would like to be assigned to an already existing team should call 691-3294. Montgomery

Deadline has already passed for the regular adult league, but a Co-Rec League has been organized and it's not too late for that. It is an adult league for men and women. There will be an organizational meeting April 12 at 7 p.m. in Walter Johnson High in Bethesda.

Franchising fee will be due May 13: for Special A League it will be $115; A League, $100; B League, $100. This fee provides balls, umpires and trophies. For details call 468-4176. Prince George's

The Parks and Recreation Department is sponsoring leagues for men and women and may experiment with a good league.

Women: team members must be 18 before the end of the season. Franchising fees vary according to classification: B teams - strictly recreational - $150 for 10-12 games; A teams - ASA league - $250 for 16-18 games. Top Flight A teams - highly competitive - $290 for about 20 games. Fees provide balls, scorebooks, bases, umpires and lights when needed. Deadline for submitting team commitment form is April 7.

Games will be scheduled Mondays through Thursday, with weekends reserved for rainouts and tournaments. Call Barbara Zimmer at 277-2200 ext. 376.

Deadline for men's adult league has already passed.

A women's fastpitch league is also being organized for 18 years of age and up-some qualified younger players will be allowed.

A franchising fee of $110 is required which will cover umpires and trophies. Signup deadline is April 1 with three weeks to add players. Games should begin May 1.

Teams and their members need not work or reside in Prince George's county. This is basically a Sunday league. For details call John Love at 277-2200 ext. 320.