As many as 3,200 present and former National Football League players will receive cash settlements ranging from $150 to $16,450 as a result of the recent agreement between the NFL and the NFL Players Association.

The league agreed to a $13.6 million settlement of a union-sponsored classaction suit, and the distribution formula was given preliminary approval Tuesday by Federal Judge Earl R. Larson.

The money will be paid out over a nine-year period starting with a $2.2 million payment 15 days after Judge Larson issues a final order. He is expected to rule on the entire agreement April 25.

The settlement covers the class-action suit filed by Kermit Alexander and 77 other players. The distribution will be based on a point system developed by the union's board of representatives.

Each point is worth approximately $2,350 and covers the period from 1972 through 1975. If a player played all four of those years (in at least three games), he gets four points or $9,400.

There are also points, or fractions of points, awarded to players drafted by NFL clubs in 1973-76 or to players who played out their options in 1973-77.

In announcing the distribution system yesterday, NFLPA executive director Ed Garvey said 570 players would get credit for the full four years.

If any of the 3,200 players included in the settlement have objections to the distribution formula, they can appear before Judge Larson on April 25 and appeal.