All along, Randy White, 1974 Outland Trophy winner after a fabulous career at defensive tackle for Maryland, was billed as heir apparent to Lee Roy Jorday at middle linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys.

White, with his agility and size, "the next Dick Butkus" in the middle.

Forget it.

Coach Tom Landry announced yesterday the successor to Jordan, who retired at season's close, will be Bob Breunig. White, the strongman the Cowpokes took No. 1 in the 1975 NFL draft before selecting Arizona State's middle linebacker Breunig in round 3, is pegged to take over Breunig's strongside linebacker post. "Breunig," said Landry, "will make the adjustment into the middle more quickly than Randy would have.

"Strongside linebacker will be a familiar position to White because he played a similar position throughout his college career at Maryland. Breunig is a natural middle linebacker."

White played a position only marginally similar to outside 'backer in college - he was on the strong side, but up front. He always has maintained he doesn't care where he plays as long as it is as a regular. So if he nails down first-string in the NFL, that's progress.

Jimmy Carter can't make it. Nor Billy Carter, who will do the honors before opening day scattering that may reach 15,000 in Oakland today; nor Miss Lillian Carter, who had to go on the disabled list having checked into a Washington hospital for 10 days; nor invitees Queen Elizabeth, Sylvester Stallone or Margaret Trudeau. Nor Farah Fawcett-Majors, although her wasn't a flat refusal - be glad to for $50,000, she indicated to Braves P. R. Man Bob (The Other) Hope in his search for a First-ball celebrity in Atlanta next Friday.

"In desperation," Hope got on the telephone for one more try, and the caller hasn't said no, yet. Gerald Ford...