Georgetown University's parking woes caught up with Jack Jackson, the Maryland baseball coach, yesterday. Jackson couldn't find a place to park so he took his team home.

The Terps were scheduled to play a 3 p.m. game at the Hilltop, where parking is such a problem that it costs $1 to park on campus. The university provides for special visitors, such as a baseball team, by sending out two parking passes well in advance.

The university, according to spokesman Fran Connors, also will honor requests for additional passes by mail. At 12:30 p.m. yesterday, a half-hour before Maryland's scheduled arrival, a team manager called assistant athletic director Steve Stageberg seeking more passes.

Stageberg said he would contact the university's traffic security department.When the car that contained Jackson arrived, word had not yet reached the toll booth and Jackson refused to pay the $1.

"If you're going to charge me a dollar. I'm not going in," Jackson said he told the attendant. "It's the principle."

Jackson, dressed in his baseball uniform, and with two other players, then decided to try another lot. There, a tow-truck operator told Jackson he was parked illegally and would be given a citation, according to Connors.

Jackson said the tow-truck operator had given him permission to go to the field to talk to his team when he encountered a campus policeman giving out tickets. Jackson said he was told he could go no farther. He proceeded anyway.

Meanwhile, the tow truck drove to the parked car and the operator got out and started hooking the Maryland car up to it. Jackson said he stood between the car and the truck and said, "The only way to do it is to run over me."

The operator, Jackson said, replied by cursing him. Meanwhile, Jackson had decided to back up and leave, when a Georgetown player arrived on the scene.

Sam Housle, the Maryland right fielder and team captian who had been watching the confrontation, came up to Jackson and told him the team had decided not to play the game because, "They're not going to manhandle our coach like [WORD ILLEGIBLE] . It's a disgrace."

Jackson said he would never play another game at Georgetown "unless there is a situation over there that will treat a visiting team with courtesy and consideration."

Tommy Nolan, the Georgetown coach, refused to accept a forfeit win for his 1-6 team, according to Connors, saying, "We've always had a good relationship with Maryland."

Nolan reportedly told Jackson that he was sorry the game would not be played, but that similar incidents had happened in the past and he was glad to see Jackson stand up to the tow-truck operator.

Rightfielder Bruce Cudmore drove in Mark Travaglin with a two-out single in the bottom of the sixth inning for the winning run in Catholic is 3-2 victory over George Washington. Catholic raised its record to 9-2, the Colonials fell to 7-3.