They are not giving away green stamps with the boxing bouts tonight at Capital Centre but beer will cost only 10 cents, in unlimited amounts, according to the newspaper advertisement for the show.

Mike Baker, a pleasing fighter when in the mood, and Ralph Palladin, who will be trying to atone for his less-than-exciting victory in his last bout, against Angel Garcia in Baltimore, head the card in a 10-round middle-weight fight.

Palladin, of Lanham, at 34 is continuing to box just because he likes the sport. Victories in his last two bouts upped his record to 27, including 15 by knockouts, with four losses and two draws.

Baker, now of Arlington, at 25 is trying to shake off the memory of being stopped by Alvin Anderson in Baltimore in a fight billed as for the United States junior middleweight title.

Baker has won 27 bouts too, 17 by knockouts, has lost eight and figured in a draw. Bakers contract is owned by Redskins coach George Allen and club president Edward Bennett Williams and he is trained by Jimmy Jones.

As a sort of incentive which also honors the memory of the late Centre and Baltimore promoter Eli Hanover, a trophy representing the Maryland-District of Columbia middleweight championship is up for grabs in the Baker-Palladin bout.

This is despite the fact that Leo Saenz of Potomac defeated Baker in their last meeting, for a split in two bouts.

Saenz is in line for a shot at the winner of Baker Palladin if he gets by Jimmy Savage of Philadelphia in another 10-round middleweight bout tonight.

Saenz has won 23 fights, 15 by knockouts, has lost three and drawn in one. Savage is 18-9-1 with 10 knockouts.

There will be five other bouts, pairing heavyweights Smokey Middleton, Washington, and Jerry Martin, Philadelphia, eight rounds; light heavyweights Johnny Wilburn, Glen Burnie, and Jimmy McClain, Philadelphia, eight; junior welterweights Tim (Blue) Walker, Washington, and Ronnie Pettigrew, Cleveland, eight; heavyweights Ira Martin, Baltimore, and Joe Maye, Hartford, Conn. six; and light heavyweights Lou Benson, Baltimore, and Carlos Prigg, Chester, Pa., four.