The Toronto Arganauts are "showing Tony Dorsett around the city" between negotiating sessions at a suburban hotel that the team says could stretch over several days.

Put that in your pipes and smoke it, National Football League teams eyeing Pitt's 6,000-yard-gaining, heisman Trophy-winning, national championship-producing ball carrier.

With Dorsett is agent Mike Trope, the same who represented Southern Cal Trojan Anthony Davis three years ago when he opted for the World Football League's Southern California Sun over the NFL new York collapse, for the Canadian league's Argos over the Jets. Could another Agos-Jets tug o' war be a store?

When the NFL holds its draft May 3, Tampa Bay with the opening pick is expected to go for Ricky Bell, USC's Heisman runner-up, to go with the smaller Davis-now a Buccaneer-to give coach John mcKay an-alumni backfield. Seattle, picking second, leans roward a defensive lineman although it "might" go for Dorsett. Cincinnati, drafting third, has indicated it will select an offensive lineman.

That brings us to the Jets, whose general manager, Al Ward, has said he would definitely take Dorsett if available.

But lever-applier Trope won't let Tampa Bay breathe easy, either. He also represents Bell, and has the Montreal Alouettes interesed, particularly if Dorsett winds up with Toronto . . .