Wes Unseld, despite playing in every Bullet game this season for the first time in six years, is not playing well and admits he is unsure of his future.

"I haven't decided what I'll do next year," Unseld said yesterday. "I'll be a free agent, but I haven't decided anything."

Of more immediate concern are the Houston Rockets in general and Moses Malone and Rudy Tomjanovich in particular. Unseld will be trying to counter the rebounding of Malone and stopping the shots of Tomjanovich when Washington meets Houston in the third game of their best-of-seven series at 1:30 p.m. at Capital Centre. Each team has won once.

In the last game, in Houston Thursday, Unseld got only four rebounds and had six points in 44 minutes. For the season, his scoring and rebounding figures are his lowest, except for the 1973-74 season wehn he was injured.

This is the last year of Unseld's contract, believed to be worth about $250,000 a year.

Unseld's style of play wascriticized recently by teammate Elvin Hayes, who feels a center should score more. But Unseld, said, "Dick Motta, the Bullet's coach has never complained to me about it, so I'm not worried."

"He's doing what we want him to do," said Motta. That is, set picks, make the right passes, get his share of rebounds and play good defense.

"He's guarded small forwards for us a lot this year and that takes him further away from the basket and cuts down on his rebounding," Motta said.

Hayes contends that the center has to score more than the seven points a game Unseld is averaging if the Bullets are to win the championship. Unseld counters that he plays a high post most of the time, and that there aren't that many plays in the Bullet offense for him.

"I didn't even have a play until half way through the year, when they put in a '4 down.' I do have the option to shoot the ball on all plays, though, and if I think I can make it I'll shoot it. But a 20 to 25 footer isn't a good shot for me. I'm just not that good a shooter.

"I know 'E' said the center - me - has to score more points if we are going to win the championship, but that's like 'E.'

"he plays more center on offense than I do so I don't know what he's talking about I consider who said it and let it go at that. I doesn't affect me, but a lot of people may think he's telling the truth and knows what he's talking about. If he wants me to score more, let me move down to where he is and let him go out to where I play most of the time. Anybody can score if he gets the ball in th right place at the right time.

"I think a lot of things have to fall for us if we are going to win everything," he said. "We have to play more as a team and get everybody involved more in each and every game.

The Bullets had a meeting yesterday, looked at films of Thursday's 124-113 overtime loss to the Rockets and then had a scrimmage.

Hayes did not work out because of a sore hip, but Motta expected him to play today.

There's no reason he can't play." Motta said. "The doctor just didn't want him to run today (Saturday.)"

Motta will make no changes for today's game. Houston coach Tom Nissalke also will start his same lineup.

We have the home-court advantage and now we have to take advantage of that," Motta said. "if we don't win now everything we accomplished down there in Houston will be nullified."

"We've been playing under must win conditions all year," said Tomjanovich. "But we've proved we can beat them up therein Capital Centre) before."