The Free Quebec Movement, a goose egg in gold medals at its own Montreal Olympics, the trauma of the Trudeaus - our Canadian neighbors could roll with those punches. But, Soviet Union 11, Canada 1 in the World Hockey Championships! This is their darkest hour.

A nation is up in arms over the shoddy performance of Team Canada, granted that the creme de la creme are tied up with the Stanley Cup playoffs. Between a 4-2 loss to Sweden and the debacle versus the Soviets, with only a 4-1 victory over the green U.S. team for relief, quelle horreur!

In the House of Commons at Ottawa, members of Parliament shouted agreement as Arnold Peters of the New Democratic Party proposed a motion:

"That this House, noting the embarrassing performance of Team Canada in this year's international hockey tournament, urges that the officials of Hockey Canada - Alan Eagleson and Douglas Fisher - be called before the appropriate standing committee to explain why they send second-rate players to represent Canada instead of sending the very best Canadian hockey players we have."

The House didn't give the required unanimous consent but the point was made.

And the Canadian media. Wrote Jime Coleman, columist for the Southam Newspaper chain fater the Canada-Russia game: "Canadian professional hockey was utterly humiliated. The manner in which some of our professional acted last night will be a lasting embarrassment to North America . . ."