The awakening Cincinnati Reds did not wash away their frustrations Monday night. Instead, they almost washed away the Atlanta Braves.

Apparently determined to prove that anything the Los Angeles Dodgers can do, they can do better, the world champion Reds, who had scored only 25 runs in their previous seven games and went to Atlanta with a four-game losing streak and an embarrasing 4-10 record, unloaded 18 hits and buried the Braves, 23-9.

Gen. Sherman could not have sacked Atlanta any better, although the Dodgers teed off on the Braves' beleaguered pitching staff for 16 runs and 15 hits Sunday.

"You don't wash away frustrations with games like these, you do it by winning 2-1 games," said Cincinnati manager Sparky Anderson, who benched All-Star catcher Johnny Bench Sunday and threatened to sit down other non-producers.

"I'd rather see a well-played game than one like this one. Don't get me wrong, I like to win any way we can, but the other kind pleases me more. This kind is nice when you're on the right end of it, but I don't enjoy them because when you're on the other end it's not very pleasant."