Redskin coach George Allen was in midseason "I-hate-Dallas" form yesterday, once again complaining bitterly that," Whenever there's a break to be had in the schedule, Dallas always seems to get it."

Allen, as expected, was not all that happy about having to play the Cowboys five days after a Monday night game against the Green Bay Packers.

The Redskins, he said, lost all three of the games they played last season with the short work week, and "the extra day Dallas has to prepare is going to help them."

Despite the presence of four of the less successful teams of 1976 among the Redskins' nondivisional opponents, Allen still believes his team is facing a tough schedule.

"Those kinds of teams always give us trouble." Presumably, he was taking about Tampa Bay (0-14), Buffalo (2-12), Atlanta and Green Bay (both 4-10).

"The Rams and Colts (the Redskins' other nondivisional opponents) won their divisions last year and they've both got a good shot to get to the Supper Bowl," Allen said.

But wait, there was even more belyaching at Redskin Park. Allen would have preferred to open the season at home. He wonders why the Redskins will face the Giants in the opener for the third time in the last four years. ANd he is not at all happy with two Monday night games and seven different national television games "at every hour of the day and night."

But the Redskins should have it quite a bit easier than their main FNC East rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys.

The Cardinals open the season with four toughies - Denver, Chicago, the Redskins and Dallas, and also must face Minnesota and Miami outside the division.

The cowboys open the season at Minnesota, play their fourth game in St. Louis followed by a home game against the Redskins. They also face nondivisional games against San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Denver, and Detroit, all terms with .500 or better records in 1976.