The New Orleans Saints picked Maryland All-America tackle Joe Campbell as the seventh player chosen in yesterday's NFL draft and coach Hank Stram said Campbell would be given a shot as the Saints starting defensive right end.

Two other Maryland players, fun back Tim Wilson and offensive guard Ed Fulton, were selected in the middle of the third round Wilson was taken by Houston, Fulton by Los Angeles.

Mike Odzowski of Virginia, a defensive end, was picked by Baltimore in the second round, while Virginia Tech defensive tackle Tom Beasley was chosen by Pittsburgh in the third round.

"Campbell is the top defensive end we were seeking," said Stram. "He is a great player for us. We are going to line him up at right end and he will give us the balance we were seeking."

Campbell was the third defensive lineman picked in the draft. He went ahead of such players as Wilson Whitley of Houston, the Lombardi Trophy winner, and Mike Butler of Kansas, a Coolidge High School product who had been touted as possibly the first pick among defensive linemen.

New Orleans' left defensive end is Joe Pollard, a starter most of his seasons with the Saints. Campbell could move ahead of Elolg Grooms, Andy Dorris and Steve Baumgardner at right end.

"Campbell is a slashing, aggressive type of player," said Stram. "We're happy to have him."

Wilson, Maryland's most underrated player throughout his final two seasons at College Park, was the 10th player selected on the third round chosen two players ahead of Fulton. Wilson is a 225-pound fullback used mainly as a blocker in Maryland's tail-back-oriented multiple-I formation.

"I just want to get out there and prove myself," said Wilson, a team leader at Maryland. "I think I can be better than I was at Maryland. I think I can reach better things that what I did at Maryland, but I'm not saying Maryland didn't use me correctly."

Fulton was Maryland's quick guard, an important cog in downfield blocking on the Terps' power sweep.