The Redskins moved into the 1980s yesterday.

They traded their third-round pick in 1981 to the Los Angeles Rams for the Rams' seventh- and ninth-round picks this year.

Those picks were used to select tight end Reggie Haynes of Nevada Las Vegas in the seventh round and running back Mike Northington of Purdue in the ninth round.

In addition, the Redskins also got an eighth-round pick in the 1978 draft from the Rams out of the deal.

"It's a good trade for us," Redskin coach George Allen said in the midst of the second and final day of the National Football League's draft of college players.

"It gives us six (total) picks this year - and the other club (L.A.) has to wait five years to get theirs."

The Redskins still have their frist two draft choices for 1979, 1980 and 1981.

The man the Redskins chose in the seventh round, Haynes, survived a bullet wound in the back. His older brother, Mike, cornerback, was a first-round selection by the New England Patriots in 1976 and was rookie of the year.

Reggie is 6-foot-3 and 225 pounds. He played only one year of major college football at Nevada-Las Vegas, the same school that produced running back Mike Thomas in 1975.

Thomas and the rest of the Redskins' returning backs also will have some more competition next season because the Redskins drafted two swift tailbacks among the five players selected yesterday.

They took Northington, a versatile 5-10, 175 pound gnat from Purdue with the Ram's ninth-round selection, and used their own pick to choose James Sykes (5-11, 186), a tailback and kickoff return man from Rice in the 10th round.

The Redskins turned to defensive players with their final two picks, taking Don Harris, a 6-2, 185-pound cornerback from Rutgers in the 11th round and defensive end Curtis Kirkland, 6-5, 235 pounds, from Missouri in the 12th round. On Wednesday they selected defensive end Duncan McColl of Stanford in the fourth round.

"This has a chance to be our best draft ever," said Allen. "We drafted people with great athletic ability. We've seen everybody to fill needs, and I think we've done very well."

Haynes was a junior college All-America fullback at Los Angeles City Junior College, but sat out two years of football after he was shot in the back in a parking lot fracas while still in junior college.

"I don't like to talk about it very much," Haynes said. "I was a security guard at my old high school, it was my part-time job. I was working at a basketball game and I went outside and somebody was messing around with my car. I got shot. It was just a freak accident.

"The bullet went in my back and right out my side. I was only in the hospital for about three days but they told me if I'd have been skinny. I'd be dead. It really messed up my head for a while. I was going to go to San Jose State, but I dropped out. The shooting really messed me up. I was real young when it happened.

"You can understand how I felt."

Haynes eventually wound up at Vegas, where he only had one year of eligibility remaining. He was placed at defensive end, but was switched to tight end after the first game of the 1976 season and wound up catching 13 passes for 164 yards.

"I'm surprised anybody took me," he said, "because I only played one year. Actually that's the only reason I went back to school - to get drafted I saw my brother drafted No. 1 and I knew I was just as good an athlete as he was. Now I've got to prove it."

Northington played tailback at Purdue his first two seasons, then was switched to cornerback his final two years. The Redskins will use him as a running back. Allen described him as "a Mike Thomas-type runner who has more speed."

Nothington played two games his [WORD ILLEGIBLE] year at tailback because of in [WORD ILLEGIBLE] to other starters. He gained 90 [WORD ILLEGIBLE] 30 carries against Illinois [WORD ILLEGIBLE] pass receptions for 70 yards. [WORD ILLEGIBLE] week, against Ohio State, he [WORD ILLEGIBLE] twice and lost seven yards. He [WORD ILLEGIBLE] hed back to defense the following week.

[WORD ILLEGIBLE] freshman, Northington gained [WORD ILLEGIBLE] 's rushing in 126 carries and [WORD ILLEGIBLE] 10 record against Iowa with [WORD ILLEGIBLE] touchdowns in a single game. He [WORD ILLEGIBLE] has returned punts and kickoffs.

Sykes was second in the nation in pass receptions last season with 76, most of them dump-off type tosses from the Owl's All-America quarterback, Tommy Kramer.

Sykes also averaged 25.2 yards on 18 kickoff returns and carried the ball 100 times for 435 yards and five touchdowns last season. As a freshman, he was second in the nation in kickoff returns with 21 for 601 yards and has had returns of 99,98.97 and 96 yards.

Harris was used a corner back on Rutgers' undefeated team last season, but Allen said he would be switched to strong safety when the Redskins go to training camp.

Kirkland missed his last five games at Missouri last year because of a shoulder separation, but Allen described him as a player who "has a chance to be the big sleeper in the whole draft."

He says that every year.

It was reported in Tuesday's editions that the Redskins had given McColl a workout at Redskin Park two weeks ago before the draft. The Redskins say they only gave McColl a physical, let him watch films and gave him several written examinations, but did not work him out.