Elvin Hayes, star forward of the Washington Bullets, said yesterday he wants to be traded.

"I've had enough," said Hayes, who has taken much of the criticism for the Bullets' failures the past two years.

"For myself and for my nerves, maybe another place will be better for me," he added.

Hayes, who averaged 23.7 points a game this year, said the criticism of his play and relations with teammates has reached the point that he can no longer take it.

He said he has made an appointment to see Abe Pollin, owner of the Bullets, to discuss the situation.

Hayes, who received his heaviest criticism during the recent NBA playoff series with Houston, which the Bullets lost, four games to two, made his feelings first known yesterday in a radio interview with Frank Herzog of WTOP.

Later, he told The Post he no longer felt appreciated with the Bullets, adding, "I don't think I can stay here and play anymore."

Pollin said he hadn't talked to Hayes lately, but said, "If he wants to make an appointment to see me, I'll be happy to talk with him."

Hayes said he had no complaints with Collin, but he was disturbed at reading and hearing alleged reports that coach Dick Motta and general manager Bob Ferry were not satisfield with him.

"I'll talk to Mr. Pollin about that," Hayes said. "I just feel sorry that Bob and Motta didn't think I did enough."

Ferry and Motta were both out of town yesterday and could not be reached for comment.

Hayes' statements came one day after another Bullet, guard Dave Bing, told Jean Fugett of WTOP-TV 9 that Motta has a difficult time communicating with his players, that the Bullet coach wasn't all that he was made out to be and that he had hoodwinked the Washington fans and press.

"It's not that I have a personal axe to grind," Bing told Fugett. "I don't know anything about Dick Motta. I would tend to say that he knows very few of his players, if any. I don't think he tried to relate with players, black or white. I think the problem really was with people. I personally think he has a lot of the press and a lot of the public fooled.

"I'm not the onky player who is upset or has some bad vibes as far as Dick is concerned," Bing continued," but I'm one of the few players, if not the only one, who will speak up and say something as far as the situation is concerned."

Hayes observed, "I think Dick used the media to his advantage, to keep them off his back.

"But I don't worry if he (Motta) likes me or not. Abe pays me, and I felt I did exactly what I was paid to do."

He also said he feels the Bullets want to play Mitch Kupchak in his position, and build the team around Kupchak.

"I don't have anything against Mitch," Hayes added. "I think he has to play. He's an all-pro prospect. Bob (Ferry) feels Mitch might be better at strong forward, and if I'm here, that may be too much competition. Mitch has to play, and I can't play small for ward, so that just may be too much competition for that spot.

"I've just done all I can for this team, and if they think they can improve their situation by trading me, then they should do it. But I think I want to be traded anyway.

"I'm sure a deal can be made for me. A lot of teams are interested in me.

"I love Abe. I only had one goal in basketball since I came to Washington and that was to win a championship for Abe Pollin. I know Abe won't let the leave Washington that easily, but I feel I have to.

"I can't do anymore than I have. But that doesn't seem to be enough for some people.

Hayes led the NBA in minutes played this season and was the Bullet leader in scoring, rebounding and blocked shots.

Motta has said the Bullets would have never made the playoffs without Hayes.

When Pollin was asked if he thought Hayes satisfied him, said he didn't want to comment on the individual performances of his players.

"I was disappointed in the season as a whole in that we didn't win the championship," Pollin said.

"I've been thinking about this for a long time," hayes said. 'It just got to the point where I had to do something.

"It bothers me and hurts me that people don't think I did enough. Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar) is the only player who has done more. I dont think there are five players in the league who could match my stats and I'm not asked to do just one thing. I could lead the league in scoring, rebounding or blocked shots and I play good defense. But the thing is that I have to do all those things. I've just had enough of it."