"When you get into this business you put yourself in a fish bowl," said Bullet coach Dick Motta, whose coaching and player relations have come under fire from veteran Elvin Hayes and Dave Bing.

"I expected to be criticized," Motta declared. "But I make all of my basketball decisions after good, hard thought and in the best interest of the team. I like to be the one who controls my own destiny.

"I do what I think is best and I don't think about thenegatives."

Motta, who had problems relating to some players during his coaching tenure with the Chicago Bulls, came to Washington his past season. He replaced the fired K.C. Jones, who was popular with most of the Washington players.

Motta's record this year was 48-32, the same as Jones in his final year.

Last year's team and this year's club were eliminated in the semi finals of the NBA's Eastern Confedence playoffs.

Bing said Motta made as many mistakes as Jones, but took none of the blame for the team's failures. Bing also said Motta "did not relate to the players."

Hayes, who wants to be traded, said he felt Motta used the media to keep the heat off him.

Motta said yesterday he doesn't feel he has a problem relating with his players.

"I'm kind of a private person and I respect a guy's privacy," he said. "I don't want to bother people.They (the players) are adults. I don't tell them how to act or how to live. There were 12 different peopl out there and you can't be everything to all of them at the same time.I did my best."

Motta said Hayes' desire to be traded surprised him.

One of Motta's toughest decisions, he said, was to replace Bing.

"We weren't playing well, and after a lot of thought, I made a hard-line basketball decision to go with Larry Wright,' Motta said. "I knew it was tough on Dave because he had never been bench. I have a great deal of respect for Dave and I think he handled it well. He was in a tough situation and I didn't think talking to him every day about it was going to help him any."

"He was put under a lot of pressure when he first came here," Motta added. "He was brought in to improve a team that won 60 games the year before.

"I don't expect anybody on the bench to be happy, but all of the decisions. I've made were strictly basketball decisions with a lot of thought behind them. In Dave's case I think the results were self-evident."

Wright started 14 games before being sidelined with the [WORD ILLEGIBLE] . Tom Henderson, acquired from Atlanta, Jan. 20, stepped in and started the rest of the season. Bing didn't play in 18 of the last 44 games.

Motta resurrected him late in the season as a backup to shooting guard Phil Chenier. Bing made the best of his new role, but was unhappy. He was used sparingly in the playoffs.

Bing, 33, had the poorest statistical season of his career, averaging 10.6 points and 2.2 assists a game.