Sure, that was a slip of the typing finger when you read here that Sonny Jurgensen's last game was in 1975; it was '74 - can it be that long already? And can it be 13 years since the Redskins brought the Redhead to town by trading Norm Snead to the Eagles for him?

Yup, Norman Snead, who yesterday in Yorktown, Va., near his native Newpost News, announced his retirement after 16 years quarterbacking five National Football League teams starting with the 1961-62-63 Washington squads. "When you reach 37 years of age, injuries don't heal as well as they used to and the need to say in cop physical condition becomes harder each year," said the 6-foot-4 flinger the Redskins picked on the first round of the '61 draft, out of Wake Forest.

Snead asked New York Giant coach John McVay to relieve him of his contract, and he was put on waivers. Snead said his next job will be as apprentise recruitment coordinator at the Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., and he will serve as head football coach at Newport News Apprentice School, a division of the shipyard. Apprentice, playing mostly military schools and junior colleges, was 0-9 last year.

"My long-range plans," said Snead "include consideration for entering graduate school preparatory to a professional career in law and analyzing a number of business and coaching opportunities that have been offered."

So, to the caller who wondered if Steve Spurrier had caught on anywhere after Tampa Bay Bucs let him go last month, maybe he can get a shot on the Giant pitching staff in Snead's stead. Thus, he'd make the move to John McVay from John McKay, at whom Spurrier threw the parting shot: "He wanted me to throw to his son (J. K. McKay) sometimes when I didn't think I could" . . .