There were 12,108 persons at the Muhammad Ali-Alfredo Evangelista championship fight Monday night, with a paid attendance of 8,327, according to a computerized printout Capital Centre showed the Maryland State Athletic Commission.

The paid attendance included 3,127 tickets bought by Ali for $200,100. The live gate grossed $374,510; the net was $340,432.21. Of the 3,127 tickets bought by Ali, 2,484 were distributed to various disadvantaged groups in the area.

Hymie Perlo of Capital Centr gave away 300 and the D.C. Recreation Department 2,184. The remaining 643 were for Ali's personal use.

The Capital Centre reported distributing 3,781 complimentary tickets, including working credential for newspaper television and radio reporters. The rest were distributed to organizations for the disadvantage, in some cases to groups disappointed at not benefitting from an allotment by Ali.

The 10 per cent of the gross paid to the state as tax amounted or $34,077.79. A spokesman for the commission said that figure resulted because of the differing prices of tickets - $150,$100,$75,$50,$30 and $20. The Centre could have accommodated 19,000 for boxing, as set up for the card.

Attendance reportedly was affected adversely because of Evangelista's credentials, recent allegations of scandals in boxing and speculation that the bout would be canceled.

The show, which recorded excellent ratings on television, was watched by about 50 million. But the American Broadcasting Company conceded it lost about $1 million, despite having a "virtual sellout" of advertising time.

The network said it spent nearly $3 million and cut back the program from a planned three hours to 2 1/2 because it contemplated it would lose money. Ali was guaranteed $2.75 million and Evangelista $85,000. There were two other champions on the card. Alfredo Escalera and Roberto Duran, both of whom won.

When Ali defended his title against Jimmy Young at Capital Centre on April 30, 1976, the show grossed $495,000 and netted $450,000 with attendance of 12,472. Ali was paid $1.6 million and $200,000 expenses for that bout. Young $75,000 and $10,000 expenses.