[WORD ILLEGIBLE] were the rule in the annual [WORD ILLEGIBLE] member guest tournament yesterday as some of the so-called "strong" teams failed to survive first round.

[WORD ILLEGIBLE] Brundred III, who won the tournament last year with Lawson [WORD ILLEGIBLE] , was a casualty. Yesterday [WORD ILLEGIBLE] played with Ron Rhodes of [WORD ILLEGIBLE] and they were 4 up and four to when Bob Harcharik and Lee [WORD ILLEGIBLE] threw four straight birdies at them to tie the match.

Bardelman parred the extra hole to [WORD ILLEGIBLE] the match. Harcharik and Bardelman gained the semifinals, along with [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Micklitsch and Dick Dillard, Ed [WORD ILLEGIBLE] and Jim MacGregor and [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Battista and Charlie Holden, [WORD ILLEGIBLE] lost the Belle Haven Four Ball [WORD ILLEGIBLE] with partner Wayne Jackson two weeks ago.

In another morning upset, Don Murphy and his guest, Henri de Lozier, who has played in two Masters championships as an amateur, lost to Bill Andrus and Bob Sherwood. Murphy and de Lozier were four under par on their better ball but their opponents were six under. The Andrus-Sherwood team was eliminated in the afternoon round by Cunningham and MacGregor, son of Jim Gibbons, former Redskins broadcaster and president of Congressional for the last year's PGA championship, scored another upset in the morning when they eliminated Norman Manders and Sol Dimaio. But the young golfers lost in the afternoon.