Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld, two Bullets who had thoughts of playing elsewhere next season, are almost certain to remain with Washington, owner Abe Pollin said yesterday.

Pollin met with both players last week.

Hayes said two weeks ago he wanted to be traded and would meet wiht Pollin and make his wishes known to him.

The meeting, which Pollin called "a nice pleasant chat," resulted in Hayes changing his mind. Hayes now says he wants to stay with the Bullets, Pollin said.

"At this time, I would say Elvin will be playing here next season," Pollin said.

Pollin said he didn't try to talk Hayes into anything. But said he told Hayes that he thought the 31-year-old all-star foreward "had a misconception about the value to the team."

"I told him to go talk with (general manager) Bob (Ferry) and (coach) Dick (Motta) about what they thought." Pollin said, "and then if he still wanted to be traded to come back and see me. I haven't heard from him since."

Ferry and Motta are on the West Coast scouting college players, but before he left, Motta said Hayes had a great season and that he wanted Hayes back next season.

The Unseld situation is different. Hayes had his best all-around season ever but Unseld had one of his poorest. Unseld. also 31, will become a free agent June 8 and there was speculation he might retire.

Unseld has chronically bad knees and was playing on practically one leg all last season. He appeared in all 82 regular season games and nine Bullet playoff games.

Last week Unseld said that he wanted to play for the Bullets next season, but was waiting to hear from them.

He heard later in the week.

"I certainly expect Wes to be here next season," Pollin said. "He is a very special person to this organization."

"There was never a real problem as to whether we wanted each other or not," said Unseld, the Bullet captain.

"I sat and talked with Abe and as far as I know I will be here."

Neither Unseld nor the Bullets expect a problem in contract negotiations.

Three other Bullets will become free agents June 8. They are Mike Riordan, Leonard Gray and Jimmy Jones. Riordan and Gray were reserves, Jones was injured most of the year.

National Basketball Association sources say that the Bullets tested Hayes' value on the open Market. They found they would not be able to get equal talent for him.

As to what effect Hayes' attitude of "now I want to be traded, now I don't," will have on the team. Pollin saw no problem. "At one time or another almost all players have some emotional outbursts. But when it comes to actually playing the game, they come together as a team."