Tony Dorsett, the explosive University of Pittsburgh All-America running back, became the first million-dollar player for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League today.

'I am happy it is over," Dorsett said as he signed the contract in the Pittsburgh office of his attorney, Harvey Eger. Agent Mike Trope and Dallas Cowboy vice president Gil Brandt watched.

Neither the Cowboys nor Dorsett would discuss terms of the contract. But Trope said Dorsett "got what I consider a fair market value. Tony got an excellent contract and the Cowboys got an excellent player."

Earlier, Trope had negotiated a multiyear, $1.2 million contract for Southern California star Ricky Bell with Tampa Bay.

"I am not going to say that Dorsett's contract is above or below Bell-s contract," Trope said adding that the five-year figure for the duration of the contract "was in the neighborhood."

The Cowboys drafted Dorsett after a deal with the Seattle Seahawks that involved, as Cowboy general manager Tex Schramm put it, "a handful of draft choices."

Dorsett, 5-foot-11, 192-pound runnning back, is the all-time NCAA rushing champion with 6,082 yards. He scored 58 career touchdowns and was the first college player to run for more than 1,000 yards in four college seasons.