Baltimore general manager Hank Peters indicated yesterday that the Orioles plan to request a hearing with American League president Le MacPhail and supervisor of umpires Dick Butler to air their charges that umpire Joe Brinkman is prejudiced against the club and particularly Tony Musev.

"We fell the situation is serious enough that it needs a good airing," Peters said. "I haven't been able to reach MacPhail. He has been traveling from the West Coast to Philadelphia.

"I would hope that he could find the time to come to Baltimore before our game Friday with Minnesota so we can get everything on the table."

Brinkman is scheduled to work in Friday's game.

Baltimore manager Earl Weaver charged Wednesday night that Brinkman had admitted to Weaver and several Orioles that he was "out to get" first baseman Muser.

"If you're hurting Muser, you're hurting the entire team," said Peters. Weaver insisted that Brinkman had cursed him and also called Muser vulgar names within the hearing of several Orioles.

Brinkman is out to get my team," said Weaver. "It helps explain a lot of bad calls over a couple of seasons."

"Our main objective is to prevent this from happening again," said an Oriole spokesman. "We are not suggesting a particular disciplinary action against Brinkman, but we are insisting on an investigation."

Brinkman, 33, insists that his alterations with Muser, Weaver and the Orioles have not biased his judgment.