Roscoe Tanner, who won the Australian open in January , yesterday was critical of recent tournaments billed as "winner-take-all" when both players actually received a minimum guarantee.

Prize money for the tournaments, mostly involving Jimmy Connors against an opponent, may have been "winner-take-all," Tanner said, "but the TV revenue was split and both guys would do reasonably well." Tanner said he was approached by Bill Riordan, Connors' manager, about such a tournament, but did not make a commitment.

"I'd rather see that money put in a bug tournament because that's what the young people are coming up through," Tanner said. "I don't think (the superstar matches) are very good things for tennis."

He also said World Team Tennis may be bad for the game because of the demands it makes on the home-town star, keeping the player away from tournaments where his name may be a necessary drawing card. Younger players may subsequently suffer from a lack of exposure and financial goals, he said.

Tanner, here to promote the Washington Star Tennis Championships July 16-25, will be one of a 64-man draw for the event that already includes Rual Ramirez, Arthur Ashe, Harold Solomon, Phil Dent, Eddie Dibbs, Stan Smith, Brian Gottfried, Jaime Fillol, Cliff Richey and Guillermo Vilas. There is also a possibility Connors, the 1976 champion may enter.

Top prize in the $125,000 tournamentis $20,000.